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We are a family business and provide customer service for many different clients. Depending on the wishes of the client, we do so by telephony, mail, chat, social media and everything that is at the heart of our customer’s business. Our business is run by brother and sister Floris and Clair Spangenberg, also known as the bosses. They are supported by the operative boss who in turn gives guidance to the project bosses. That sounds like a lot of bosses, but from our headquarters in Maastricht they lead a team of superheroes. These heroes are internally trained and all have their own skills, these skills determine which hero team you are in and under which project boss you operate.

What do you do as a superhero?

You provide customer service for one of our clients. You are the hero of the customer who contacts you, you can sense what feeling our client wants to convey and you know perfectly how to solve that customer’s problem. You make his day and it feels damn good! You don’t necessarily need a cape to fly over the corridors here looking for customers in need. Your dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge will be enough to get through your day with a satisfied feeling as a real superhero.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for new colleague heroes in one of our departments where we work for 1 client. We provide the same tasks for this client in different languages. We are busy setting up the services in Belgium for which we are looking for colleagues who speak French. Speaking fluent Dutch is useful, but not a requirement.

We are mainly looking for heroes with whom we hit it off. We like an open working atmosphere where everyone feels part of the hero family. You know how to handle things, feel involved and can work independently. We determine the number of hours by mutual agreement, everything is possible: full-time, part-time, weekends, evenings. Venez à la rescousse!

What about Covid-19?

Our office is set up in such a way that we can comply with the guidelines and guarantee 1.5 meter distance. There are always a number of colleagues in the office, including someone from management. That way, you can meet fellow heroes and get a good taste of our company culture. In addition, we strive to let our heroes work from home as much as possible after a training period in the office. Depending on the project where you end up, an average training period of 2 weeks is required. The sooner the knowledge is up to standard, the faster working from home can become reality.

What do we offer?

Despite our years of experience in the industry, you end up in a catchy company with a young and fresh feeling. No nonsense mentality, running and flying when needed and having as much fun as possible while doing it. No two days are the same with us and that makes it super fun. You can come to work as an old school employed person, but there are also freelance possibilities!

So where do you end up and what can you expect?

  • A catchy company
  • With nice fellow heroes
  • And nice bosses
  • Varied work
  • The freedom to think along in realising solutions
  • Growth opportunities
  • Salary, just satisfactory salary

What do we expect?

Especially enthusiasm, the ability to switch quickly, friendliness and thinking in possibilities. Not afraid to work hard and seeing and feeling the added value of solving a cry for help from our client’s customer. And of course a good knowledge of the French language. So if you are (or know) someone who recognizes himself in the above and would like to become part of a real hero family, can use the money well for private missions or just want to work at a nice company. Send your CV, a nice letter, video or something like that and maybe you will soon have a job as a superhero!

Type of employment: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Freelance / Self-employed

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