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We understand that not every organization is able to organize its customer service optimally and efficiently. How do you ensure that your accessibility and quality meet the needs of your customers? Are you deploying your resources effectively and efficiently? Do you outsource customer service or optimize your own customer service? SpangenbergGroup is the specialist in customer service outsourcing and customer service improvement!

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Just good customer service...

Customer Contact is something every organization has to deal with. It plays an increasingly important role in differentiating yourself. Want to go that extra mile with just really good customer service? We can help your improve customer service, or you can choose to outsource customer service. Whatever your customer service challenge, we'll help!

Outsource customer service

Customized multilingual, multichannel and flexible customer service solutions. Want to grow worry-free (internationally)? Outsource customer service!

SpangenbergGroep.nl Customer service outsourcing and customer service improvement

Optimize customer service

Someone with lots of experience to look at your customer service and help improve customer service? We can help.

SpangenbergGroup.com. Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

Improve customer experience

How do your customers experience your services? What processes could be better aligned with your customers' experience?

SpangenbergGroup.com. Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact
years of experience

Less waste/waste (unnecessary contact) and more high-quality customer interactions thanks to process optimization. Read more

Value-added customer service for customer experience!

Worry-free good customer service

What do you need today to improve your customer service tomorrow? Can we help you with advice and expertise on customer contact, customer service and process optimization? Or is outsourcing your customer service to us (multilingual, multichannel and flexible) the solution to your customer service challenges? We are ready to help you deliver excellent customer service that adds value to your customers' experience. Lower costs and a better customer experience? It can be done!

Lower costs and less worry

Well-organized customer service reduces costs because resources are used effectively and efficiently.

Better customer experience and higher quality

A well organized customer service ensures a high degree of flexibility higher quality and better customer experience

Why Spangenberg Group

We are proud of our family business with no outside shareholders. Our focus is always on adding long-term value, rather than making short-term profits. Creating opportunities together and therefore growth, that's what we do it for!

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Free White-Paper Customer Focus

We have written a white paper on customer focus. In it we share our practical experiences and also give our opinion, obviously based on our experiences with customer service outsourcing and customer service improvement. Among other things, we explore the difference between customer-friendliness and customer-centricity and try to make clear what customer-centricity means in practice by using some examples. You can use the form below to request your free white paper. We will send it to you by e-mail. Happy reading