5 Effective Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

Written on: September 6, 2023

5 Effective Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

In customer service, unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal with angry customers. We cannot always eliminate or prevent the causes of that anger. Nevertheless, the way we deal with bopze customers has a great influence on the further course of the contact. Therefore, 5 tips to better deal with angry customers.

Why do you sometimes have angry customers?

Seeing customers get angry is an unavoidable aspect of customer service, and understanding why this happens is essential to improving the overall customer experience. Several factors can contribute to the buildup of frustration and anger in consumers.

Communication Problems: One of the most common causes of customer anger is communication problems. Unclear information, lack of transparency or misunderstandings can lead to frustration and distrust, leading to angry customers.

Expectation gap: When customer expectations are not met, disappointment ensues. Whether it's product performance, delivery times or customer service interactions, when reality does not match expectations, anger can arise resulting in angry customers.

Unresolved Problems: Customers may become angry if their problems are not adequately resolved. Repeated problems, slow response times or lack of follow-up can increase irritation.

Lack of Empathy: Customers want to feel understood. A lack of empathy or a sense of indifference on the part of the company can lead to anger and the feeling of not being appreciated.

Long Wait or Slow Service: Time is precious to customers, and long waits for assistance or slow service can create frustration. Prompt and efficient service is crucial to avoid anger.

Lack of Transparency in Problems: When problems arise, customers expect openness and transparency. Withholding information can lead to distrust and anger.

Impersonal Interactions: Customers expect more and more personal interactions. Treating customers as just a number instead of individuals can generate negative emotions.

5 Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

Tip: 1.Stay calm and empathetic:

When faced with an angry customer, it is crucial to remain as calm as possible yourself. By not getting angry yourself, you prevent escalations and a customer's anger will not increase further. Showing empathy makes the customer feel heard. This helps with de-escalation. Indicate that you understand the anger and that you will do your best to help the customer.

Tip 2.Listen and ask questions:

Let the customer finish speaking and do not interrupt. Ask questions to get the problem completely clear. Good listening and understanding make the angry customer feel heard and make him feel that he is being taken seriously.

Tip 3. Find a Solution:

Instead of focusing on who is at fault, focus on finding a solution. Discuss possible options with the customer and suggest how you can solve their problem. Be flexible and willing to compromise to reach a satisfactory outcome. If you can't work it out, one solution may be to seek help from a supervisor, for example.

Tip 4. Communicate Clearly:

Clear and honest communication is essential when dealing with angry customers. Make sure you clearly explain the steps you will take to address the problem. Give realistic expectations about the timeline and possible results. Avoiding vague promises prevents further disappointment.

Tip 5. Set boundaries with angry customers:

So as a customer service representative, you sometimes have to deal with angry customers. However, providing service does not mean that you have to accept everything. The moment a customer is unreasonable and makes it personal, you can draw the line. This can be done in a very decent way. You generally can't do anything about it either. If you feel that boundaries are being crossed, you indicate this in a proper way and share it with your supervisor.


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