Customer acquisition tips: 6 tips to successfully acquire clients yourself

Written on: October 10, 2022 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

Customer recruiting tips!

Every business struggles at times with bringing in new customers. Based on our experience with Lead Generation, we give you 6 tips on how to engage with the right potential customer. Read our blog on customer acquisition tips:

Customer acquisition tips 1: Determine your target audience

To shoot with focus, everything must be in order. First, you need to determine your target audience. Who are you going to approach, why, and with what message. To determine a good target group, you can look at your current customers. Where am I successful and why am I so successful there. From there, look at the questions your customers have and find out in which sectors, branches or industries the same is happening. You determine your target group based on the probability of success, is there a need for my product or service within the target group I want to approach. You can also figure that out by doing an extensive market research. You can also just ask your potential target groups.

Customer acquisition tips 2: Delve into your target audience

After establishing your target audience, it is important that you delve into it. You can better handle conversations with potential customers if you:

  1. Know how hu market works. Who are the players, who are the big boys?
  2. Know what's going on within your target audience. For example, consider sweeping legislative changes or other major developments.
  3. Makes sure you know about the industry. What industry terms are used? Who are their customers? What products or services do they offer?

To approach a target market effectively and efficiently, you need to make sure you are a good interlocutor from the first moment of contact. That means that the person who makes the first contact with a potential client knows the potential client's market and can talk about the challenges they face. If you have not immersed yourself in your target market before the first contact, you quickly fall through and the result of a lead generation action is often negative.

Customer acquisition tips 3: Define your message

The target audience is clear. Now you have to bring your product or service to their attention in such a way that they can't say no to it. You know what is going on in your target groups and you know what added value your product or service has. You have to get that across. Your product or service must add value for your target group in some way. For example, it solves a problem, makes things easier, is cheaper or adds something else. Either way, offering your product or service must be attractive to your target audience.

Customer acquisition tips 4: Trial and error

Ultimately, you don't know if something works until you have tested it in practice. Despite good preparation, practice may be viest disappointing. Customer acquisition is a matter of trial and error. That is why it is important to keep making constant adjustments during the customer recruitment process. Lessens learned in the first conversations you apply in the following conversations. Don't get stuck in a method that doesn't work but make sure you stay flexible and adapt to what you find in practice.

Customer acquisition tips 5: Persistence 1

Acquiring new customers often works best when you are patient. You will have to invest a lot of time and energy before you can start harvesting. The moment you start generating leads, you will see that this process often yields much more than just leads in the very short term. If the contact moments with the potential customers are good, they will be more open to a follow-up conversation, sending more information or providing information about themselves. That's how you get to know your target audience and more importantly, they get to know you. They will be more inclined to think of you the next time they are confronted with an issue for which you had a great solution. However, if you don't do the first conversation well and you handle it wrong, they will quickly become allergic to anything that has to do with you or your organization. Focus on the long term and not on hit and run.

Customer acquisition tips 6: Persistence 2

Customer acquisition is for the persistent. You will make many calls that may not yield anything at first. You will also face the fact that it is difficult to get hold of the right person. Therefore, good preparation is essential. If you present yourself as an expert you will eventually get around the so-called gatekeepers faster. This requires patience and the ability to deal with rejections. Acquiring customers is not like shooting prices, but with good preparation you can ensure that you are not shooting a gnat with a hail. Targeting a clear audience with a good message and a long-term view will ultimately bring the best results. Still, there will be days when it doesn't work out and you want to hang up your headset.

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