Customer contact center? What is it and what does it do?

Written on: April 6, 2023 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

What is the Customer Contact Center? Our definition:

The Customer Contact Center is the department within an organization where customer contact is handled in 1 central location. Often also called customer service or contact center.

A Customer Contact Center is often set up to handle customer contacts centrally. It is often assumed that centralizing the handling of contacts in a customer contact center is also effective and efficient. However, setting up a department that effectively and efficiently handles customer contact in a way that fits within the vision of customer experience is no easy task. The Customer Contact Center is also called KCC. 

The Customer Contact Center: contact with customers

In the modern business world, customer service is invaluable. Customers expect excellent service, fast response times and efficient solutions to their questions and problems. The Customer Contact Center, also known as the customer service department, plays a crucial role in fulfilling these expectations. It is the heart of customer service, where customer contacts are managed, problems are resolved and customer satisfaction is built. Most organizations have some form of KCC. Sometimes that is a call center, customer service center or a more fancy designation such as customer service center.

The work of a KCC varies widely and depends greatly on the organization. In general, the work consists of effectively and efficiently handling incoming customer contacts and executing outgoing customer contacts. For example, a Customer Contact Center of an average web shop will deal a lot with questions about orders and deliveries. At a municipality, the questions will be more complex because they will receive questions about permits, (travel) documents or other more complex matters. Other KCCs deal with outgoing contacts, such as research agencies or commercial telemarketing agencies.

Channels and people

The Customer Contact Center is the hub where customers contact an organization for help, support or information. This can be done through various channels such as phone, email, chat, social media or even face-to-face. The customer service team, acts as the first point of contact for customers. They are trained to answer customer questions, solve problems, provide product information, handle complaints and support customers in their purchasing decisions. Thus, employees at a Customer Contact Center have ongoing contact with customers through a variety of different channels. This actually makes it an important marketing channel.

Tasks of the KCC

However, the duties of the Customer Contact Center go far beyond simply handling incoming calls or messages. The Customer Contact Center plays a strategic role in building customer relationships and fostering customer loyalty. By proactively contacting customers, for example to inform them of new products or offers, the Customer Contact Center can increase customer satisfaction and promote customer loyalty. It can also serve as an important feedback channel, where customers can share their suggestions, complaints or compliments, providing valuable insights for improving products or services.

A well-functioning KCC

A well-functioning customer contact center is based on a few key pillars. First, the customer service representative is the key to success. Trained and well-equipped employees can speak to customers in a professional and friendly manner, show empathy and solve problems effectively. They are also familiar with the organization's products or services and can provide accurate information. In addition, technology is an essential part of the customer contact center. Modern customer service solutions often include sophisticated tools for call management, knowledge management, customer ticketing, reporting and analytics, allowing the customer service team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Another important aspect of the Customer Contact Center is the collaboration with other departments within the organization. Customer service is often the link between the customer and other internal teams, such as sales, marketing, technical support or logistics. Thereby, precisely because the CCC deals a lot with customers who encounter problems, there is a lot of valuable information available that the organization should make use of. Optimizing business processes based on information from conversations with customers is easy and is a source of rapid improvement.

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