Customer feedback

What is it, what can you do with it and how do you set up an ongoing edge feedback cycle?

Measuring customer satisfaction/customer experience -> Customer feedback

Measuring customer satisfaction often occurs within organizations based on internal reasoning. Here, considerations are made which, according to the organization, are important. The subsequent research is then done on the basis of these (often incomplete) assumptions. General standards and internal questions/interests form the basis of the measurements. We note that when measuring customer satisfaction, this process should be reversed. It is more important to first have insight into those aspects that, according to the customer its satisfaction.Next, a measurement should look at the extent to which the standard customers set is met. Through a survey that takes this approach as a starting point, one can the real customer satisfaction/customer experience be identified and improved. Outsourcing this process can ensure the objectivity needed for this purpose.


The power of a well-designed KTO is that it gives you immediate concrete tools to improve satisfaction. improve. So that requires a method that not only registers, but also identifies the backgrounds and motivations. A recording survey may reveal that customers rate customer friendliness as inadequate. That fact in itself has no handle on how to improve customer friendliness. What matters is the background: what determines in it whether a customer experiences something as customer-friendly or not. A feedback loop is essential to any positive learning curve. With the feedback that comes from the KTO, we need to enter a second research phase. Namely, the phase where we will test the customer's feedback for accuracy and effectiveness. For example, if the customer gives the feedback to answer the phone in a different way, we test that by having some of the employees answer the phone in a different way and measure the difference in customer satisfaction between the two groups. If this is indeed significantly better than the group that still works in the old way, then the results of the KTO are proven correct. Only then can you really start working to improve customer friendliness. This is how it should be with all themes in a KTO.

Measuring customer feedback online?

Online surveys often seem like an inexpensive means of surveying larger samples. The problem with online surveys is that it often ignores the why question. An online survey could be described as a recording survey with little to no background or motives being captured. It allows you to quickly present larger groups with a questionnaire and thus, very specific, reliable statements.


measure customer feedback by phone!

The purpose of a customer satisfaction survey is through a representative survey, identify customer satisfaction and create tools to improve it. Measuring customer satisfaction by telephone allows you to engage with your customer and send a signal that customer input is important. Thus, a telephone survey is not only recording, but also provides background information that can be used to look at business processes that positively or negatively affect satisfaction. The difference between online and telephone measurement is that the results of a telephone survey provide more background information. Telephone surveys give you answers to the question, "Yes but why?" The "why" then allows you to improve things because in addition to a what also a how have.

Ongoing customer feedback

Customer satisfaction is not a project. Customer satisfaction is a process that should be ongoing where with a customer feedback survey you also keep your finger on the pulse of your business processes on an ongoing basis. The advantage of small-scale continuous measurement is that the effect of improvements also becomes immediately visible. It quickly becomes visible which efforts lead to which results, so that a higher customer appreciation can also be achieved much faster. In other words; the feedback loop required is shorter and can be processed faster.

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