Customer satisfaction how and what: Customer satisfaction improvement tips (9x)

Written on: March 2, 2023 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

We have listed 9 simple customer satisfaction improvement tips for you to boost your customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is an important indicator of customer focus. Measuring customer satisfaction and continuously improving it should be standard in every company. To get started quickly on improving customer satisfaction, we have listed 9 customer satisfaction improvement tips based on our years of experience:

Improve customer satisfaction Tip 1: Start at the beginning

We start the list customer satisfaction improvement tips with where everything starts, the beginning. Forget the standard questionnaire and start at the beginning: why do you want to improve customer satisfaction and are you really ready to change things? Yes? Then go for it. Don't start working on customer satisfaction if you are not prepared to actually address the results of a survey. Customer satisfaction is not an end; it is a means to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Tip 2: From the outside in

View customer satisfaction as a means of looking at your own service through your customer's eyes. That means not measuring what you think is important to your customers, but measuring what your customers actually care about.

Tip 3: Measuring customer satisfaction is customer contact.

Don't think of measuring customer satisfaction as a stand-alone survey, but give it a place in the whole customer experience. Make sure the contact you have with your customers while measuring satisfaction is a positive experience.

Tip 4: Keep it simple

When measuring customer satisfaction, we tend to ask for as much as possible. Scripts, sampling, representativeness, reports, and so on. Stick to the core: really engage with your customers. Ask 3 to no more than 5 open-ended questions on topics that you know, based on preliminary research, are important to your customers. Customer Satisfaction Improvement Tips are sometimes simple, too.

Tip 5: Keep in mind different target audience segments

Often measuring customer satisfaction becomes difficult if no distinction is made between different target group segments. Analyze your customers and see if groups can be identified that have similar needs. This will give you the opportunity to adapt your service to each target group segment, allowing you to best meet customer needs. Customer Satisfaction Improve Tip about target groups is an important one though otherwise you might start comparing the wrong things.

Tip 6: Measure continuously

An annual customer satisfaction survey of a large portion of your customers or a small-scale survey of a small selection of your customers every month. Always opt for the latter. Create an ongoing customer feedback loop. An ongoing customer feedback loop allows you to notice changes immediately. You can feed the organization continuous input and you can turn it into an ongoing measurement and improvement loop.

Tip 7: Start improving immediately

As soon as the first results are in, you can start implementing improvements. A good research gives you input that you can start working with immediately. Start all possible improvement projects as soon as possible. With these results you can get started quickly, while the more complex changes require more time. Start immediately with both these first results and the complex changes so that in the next measurement you immediately reap the benefits of your improvements.

Tip 8: Quantify and share successes

A Very Important Customer Satisfaction Improvement Tip! A customer satisfaction survey costs money, at least if you use it incorrectly. A well thought out and executed survey yields more than it costs. The moment you can better align business processes with your customer experience, the knife will always cut both ways: (1) customer satisfaction increases and (2) because the processes run better, you spend less time correcting things that go wrong. Quantify what the improvements yield and share those successes with your organization.

Tip 9: Have fun

Really improving customer satisfaction is fun. You often see that improvements can be made surprisingly easily. Especially with a simple approach where you just ask customers a few questions. We have done projects where we went from an average rating of 6.4 to an 8 in 3 months. If as an organization you really have the will to improve customer satisfaction then you can easily and quickly get to work on it, results are quickly seen and then it is also fun to work on it.

So much for 9 quick Customer Satisfaction Improvement Tips to quickly get started on customer satisfaction yourself. Need help? Then get in touch with us!

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