8 skills for a good customer service representative

Written on: August 8, 2023 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

At least a good customer service representative has these skills!

Many people in the Netherlands work in customer service. Just about every company has some form of customer service. But what do you need to know to work in customer service? When are you a good customer service employee and what skills do you need to work in customer service? We have defined 8 skills that are going to help you become a really good customer service representative. 

  1. Communication Skills

    A good customer service representative must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers. Voice usage and language use are important in this regard. You must also sometimes adapt your language and word choice to the customer you are currently in contact with. So communication skills are not only about language skills but also definitely about using your language correctly.

  2. Listen

    A severely underrated skill. Not just in customer service, by the way, but in virtually all forms of interaction. Listening involves really wanting to understand what the other person is trying to make clear to you. Listening is not about answering but about clarifying the question. It is important to ask further questions if the question is not entirely clear. That way you avoid giving an answer that is not quite the answer to the question. A So good customer service representative can listen very well.

  3. Empathy

    In addition to listening (language), understanding feelings and emotions is a very useful skill if you work in customer service. If you understand why a customer is angry then you can have a better conversation. If you can put yourself in the customer's situation then you actually come up with better solutions. Having a healthy dose of empathy will really make things easier, especially in the more difficult conversations.

  4. Problem-solving skills

    With all the listening and empathy, do you have a good grasp of the problem or question? With good problem-solving skills you can find an appropriate solution easier and faster. With this skill you can answer questions faster and better and make sure that there is no unnecessary wait for and answer.

  5. Patience

    Okay you are super good and fast in your communication. Have skills to get out your words well and know what you're talking about. Of course, this does not always apply to the customer you are in contact with. Not everyone is as smart or quick-witted. Not everyone is fully up to speed with today's fast-paced and digital society. This often requires patience from you as a good customer service representative. You cannot go faster than the customer you are in contact with can. Then things go wrong and you get uncomfortable conversations.

  6. Tech skills.

    In customer service, you often work in all sorts of different systems. So quite apart from the company you work for and the products/services you provide service for, you have to be pretty handy with systems. Being able to quickly switch between systems, learning quickly where to find things and creating your own goat trails (shortcuts). Tech skills allow you to focus on the interaction and not have to think too much ne with the systems you have to use.

  7. Multitasking

    Working in customer service is dynamic work. At least at most companies. You often do a little bit of everything mixed up. A customer calling about an email while you're busy with a chat. If you can't multitask then customer service may not be for you. After all, it makes you flexible in the dynamic environment of customer service.

  8. Team player

    Customer service is not something you do alone. You work in a team. As a team player, you ensure that you achieve the best results as a team. As a group you achieve more than single individuals. If you are a team player then you are a valuable addition to any customer service team? Why? Because you can ensure that the team as a whole will present better.

Do you want to be a good customer service representative? Then get these 8 skills!

These are the 8 skills you need to just really become a very good customer service representative. You'll also enjoy working in customer service with these skills a lot more than if you didn't have these skills. Imagine if you had no communication skills or were just 0% empathetic. Surely working in customer service must be a real nightmare. Read here what a good customer service is and why good customer service is important.

Who are we?

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