How outbound calling does work

Higher conversion through service instead of sales

Call centers and telemarketing. Unfortunately, both still have a bad name. Explainable, though. After all, everyone gets a call from a call center at one time or another. Often for products or services you are not interested in and often in a way that is not necessarily pleasant. That's because companies that use telemarketing as a tool generally get it wrong. Telemarketing is used as a hit and run action. Selling what the company wants to sell as quickly as possible. Most telemarketing or outbound Therefore, campaigns revolve around only 1 thing: Conversion. In how many of the calls something is sold. The higher the conversion, the more successful the campaign. Outbound calling, however, delivers more the moment service is the focus and not conversion.

Short term

With most telemarketing campaigns, it also doesn't matter at all how many of the people who bought something on the phone returned it. Nor does it matter if those customers would rather become customers somewhere else because they keep getting calls. The effects of these very short-term goals are therefore for the very short term. The effects that it brings in the slightly longer term are often of no interest to the performer of that telemarketing, there is no visibility and the performer is therefore not judged on it.

Customer experience and outbound calling (telemarketing)

Organizations often invest a lot to improve the customer experience optimize. Websites constantly ask you what you think of their website. If you have spoken to customer service you are asked to rate that contact. All make sense if you want to optimize the customer experience. In telemarketing, all the laws of pleasing the customer or potential customer seem redundant. Then suddenly it's all about conversion. Strange when you consider that a telemarketing call is hopefully a first step in a long relationship with your potential customer or should be able to improve the relationship with your existing customer.


Consider outbound calling not as a project but as a process. Think of outbound calling as building a customer relationship that may eventually lead to a transaction and not as a hit and run action. If the initial contact moment is good you thereby create a reason to call back at a later time. We do that, for example, for a fashion company. We notice that customers indicate in the summer that they would like to be called back for the fall collection. Do so, even if it is 6 months later. The moment you make outbound calling a continuous process, the final conversion will be much higher.

Tailoring outbound calling to your customer and customer experience

Telemarketing should be viewed as that first step in a potential new or improved customer relationship, not as an opportunity for a transaction. A wrongly designed outbound campaign then does more harm than good in the slightly longer term, even if the initial conversion is good. So make sure that even an outbound campaign adds value to your customer experience.

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