Improving customer contact: Why and how?

Written on: September 12, 2022 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

Improve customer contact? Why you should and how to get started.

Every organization has to deal with it: contact with customers (or citizens, clients, guests, buyers, patients etc. etc.). That contact does not necessarily go well by itself. There can be many reasons to want to improve it. Think efficiency, but also customer focus or customer friendliness.

Why Customer Contact Improvement?

Improving Customer Contact Increases Customer Satisfaction

One of the most obvious reasons to improve customer contact is customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more loyal and more likely to make repeat purchases. A positive customer experience can lead to positive reviews and word of mouth, which in turn can attract new customers. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction is a direct path to a healthier bottom line.

Better customer contact = a competitive advantage

In today's marketplace, customers are knowledgeable and have high expectations. Companies that excel in customer service have a competitive advantage. If customers know they will be treated well and their questions answered quickly, they are more likely to choose your company over the competition.

Trust and brand reputation with better customer contact

Excellent customer service can build customer trust and promote a positive brand reputation. Customers tend to do business with companies that are trustworthy and committed to customer satisfaction. A positive brand reputation can lead to long-term customer relationships and business growth.

Improving customer contact = retaining customers

Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than attracting new ones. Improved customer contact can promote customer retention by maintaining good relationships with existing customers. Loyalty is often formed through repeated positive interactions with a company.

How to Improve Customer Contact.

Invest in Training

One of the best ways to improve customer contact is to invest in the training of your employees. Make sure your customer service representatives are well trained and have the necessary product and service knowledge. They should also be trained in customer friendliness and problem solving. Regular training sessions and workshops can help to keep improving their skills.

Use Technology to Improve Customer Contact.

Modern technology can significantly improve customer contact. Consider using customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage all customer data and streamline communications. Chatbots and virtual assistants can answer customer questions quickly and be available 24/7. Social media can be used for direct customer interaction and feedback collection.

Provide proactive customer contact

Proactive customer contact means not just responding to questions and problems, but actively contacting customers. This can include email newsletters, follow-up calls after purchases or personalized offers. Customers appreciate it when they feel a company cares about them, even if there is no direct sales opportunity.

Collect and Analyze Feedback as a Basis for Improving Customer Contact

Collecting customer feedback is invaluable for improving your customer service. Use surveys, reviews and direct feedback to understand your customers' needs and expectations. Analyze this data and use this information to optimize your customer service processes.

Build a Multichannel Approach

Not all customers want to communicate in the same way. Some prefer email, some prefer the phone, and some prefer live chat or social media. A multichannel approach allows customers to choose how they want to communicate with your company. It is important to be consistent and effective on all these channels. Improving customer contact means looking closely at your customers' preferences and making sure you adapt to these channel preferences.

Measure and Monitor Customer Contact Performance

Measuring and monitoring your customer service performance is crucial to knowing if your improvements are having an effect. Set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as response times, customer satisfaction scores and net promoter scores, and track them on a regular basis. Adjust your strategy based on the results.

Cultivate a Customer-Focused Culture

A customer-centric culture starts at the top and trickles down to all levels of the organization. Make sure the importance of customer service is recognized and emphasized within your company. Reward and recognize employees who excel in customer service and encourage a company culture that puts customer satisfaction at its core.

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