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Customer service as a valuable marketing tool

Customer contact is generally still seen too much as a necessary evil. "A missed opportunity," thinks Floris Spangenberg of SpangenbergGroup, a specialist in customer service. "Webshops that take customer contact seriously look not only at what it costs, but at what it delivers. A well-designed customer service is a valuable marketing tool."

Webshop owners are very good at running the webshop, but often find that effectively and efficiently setting up good customer service and speaking to customers professionally is a skill in itself, Spangenberg observes. "Reachability on the right channels, preferably also outside office hours and on weekends, does not make things easier for the small business owner. Then it can be interesting to outsource your customer service. Peaks and troughs in sales and contact moments often cannot be planned for, even by large organizations. Even then it is nice if you can benefit from the economies of scale of an external customer contact center."

Sales Opportunities

A well-designed customer service system irrevocably pays for itself in the long(er) term, says Spangenberg. "On the one hand, with good customer service, you create additional sales opportunities. Many Web shops see a peak in visits in the evening and on weekends. Make sure you are available at those times for (especially doubting) customers to win them over. Being reachable gives you sales opportunities and if you have contact with your (potential) customer you can create cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Good customer contact can also contribute to optimizing your services. You can use customer questions to better tune your service to their expectations. This ultimately leads to fewer contact moments, better service and a more positive customer experience. You can quite easily align your internal business processes with customer needs based on customer feedback. That not only saves you money by reducing unnecessary customer contact, it also gives you a competitive advantage.

Perfect service

These days, there are a huge number of channels on which to set up customer service. Spangenberg recommends following a clear strategy. "Determine internally (but also partly based on customer feedback) through which channels you would like to service the customer. Many Web shops tend to embrace all channels and then provide mediocre service on those channels. It is better to choose a limited number of channels and offer perfect service on them. Because of the wide range of channels, we also see that customers often use multiple channels interchangeably, which actually increases the number of contact moments. For example, they send an email and then call after it. If you make sure that you can be reached on the channels that you can support well and on the preferred channels of your customers, you are doing well. Customers always prefer good service through a limited number of clear channels over a multitude of channels where mediocre and/or unclear service is provided."

Pain Points

SpangenbergGroup specializes in customer contact. "We are traditionally an interim management and consulting firm and optimize customer contact for small to large international organizations," Spangenberg explains. "From as little as 25 customer contacts per day, it can already be interesting to outsource customer service. Incidentally, our greatest strength lies not only in speaking to customers professionally across all possible channels, but especially in thinking along and improving processes based on the customer experience. We generally get to the bottom of those pain points quickly, so that customers end up contacting us much less. We just really enjoy helping companies optimize their services based on customer contact."

Close to the source

SpangenbergGroup's services are of interest to all organizations dealing with customer contact in both B2C and B2B. "We work with different teams. Depending on the customer profile, we work with dedicated or non-dedicated (or blended) teams. The latter is interesting for clients with low volumes, who still want to benefit from extended opening hours and thus can easily absorb peaks/downturns. A unique aspect of our service is that we log into our clients' systems whenever possible so that we do not have to do complex system integrations. In addition, we offer customer service in several languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This is especially interesting for webshops. We have many webshops that operate in (parts of) Europe. We offer them carefree customer service in the languages and channels relevant to them all under one roof. Webshops that are primarily active nationally are therefore really much quicker to take the step beyond the national borders."

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