Up to 25% (!) conversion with outbound service instead of outbound sales!

We do ongoing outbound service calls for several web shops and mail order companies. Did you know that with a good outbound service campaign the conversion can be as high as 25%? Customers experience our actions as super customer friendly and often take advantage of our special offer.

Improve customer experience

What is outbound service?

We deploy outbound service as a means to positively influence the customer experience and as a cross-and- upsell opportunity. The idea is that you call customers who order regularly or who have just ordered to inform them about an offer that may be of interest to them.

Outbound service is to provide additional service to the customer through an outbound contact. Service in the sense that the customer sees the contact as added value and the contact with that customer thus makes a valuable contribution to the customer experience.

How is it different from outbound sales?

The difference between outbound sales and outbound service is the difference in approach. Surely, outbound sales are often ongoing projects in which cold, or even hot, calls are made. The goal is not just selling. Outbound service is much more about informing existing customers about a promotion, discount, new product or service that is of interest to them. Outbound service is also much more about determining target groups and an appropriate action. With outbound service you inform your customer and create a natural cross, - and or upsell opportunity.

Hoe werkt outbound service in de praktijk?

In practice, that means figuring out carefully what your customer needs and how you can add value through outbound service.

Case in point: For a webshop, we call all orders within a certain product category. We call the customer to thank them for their order and indicate to them that we may make another offer with additional discount for a 2e product. Customers experience the contact as very attentive and in 25% of the cases they accept the offer and that without at any point commercializing the conversation.

Onze aanpak geeft klanten het gevoel dat u moeite voor ze doet. Dat u moeite doet om contact met ze op te nemen omdat ze anders iets zouden kunnen missen dat voor hen interessant is.  Klanten ervaren deze gesprekken niet als een verkoopgesprek maar als een prettige, klantgerichte ervaring. Daarmee creëer je een prettige klantbeleving waardoor klanten in veel gevallen graag gebruik maken van u aanbod.

Is outbound service also something for you?

Do you have customers for whom you can come up with an action that adds value both to them and to you? Then outbound service is also interesting for you. We would like to see how we can use our expertise in the field of customer experience to set up an outbound service campaign for you as well.

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