Webshop accessibility? Here's what you need to know about reachability

Written on: December 6, 2022 Customer service outsourcing | Customer service optimization | Improve customer contact

Webshop? This is what you need to know about webshop accessibility and webshop customer service

The number of online stores in the Netherlands now exceeds the number of physical stores. With about 120,000 webshops, the number has grown explosively in recent years. Of every euro we spend in the Netherlands, about 30 cents of it is spent online. A huge market in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself. Read all about your webshop accessibility and webshop customer service here.

Why does a customer buy from you and why not from your competitor?

There are a number of very large online retailers. With these, it is often difficult for an average webshop to compete. They have a wide assortment, work with sophisticated websites and can often offer low prices. Yet the majority of webshops in the Netherlands are small. We are not online marketing experts; we are experts in customer contact. Something that is becoming increasingly relevant in a competitive online environment. We are convinced that a webshop or online retailer can distinguish itself from its competition by being there for its customer. Your webshop customer service is therefore very important. You can achieve this by being available when your (potential) customer wants it and by being available on the channels your (potential) customer likes to use. Zappos is an excellent example of this. Zappos is an online department store that in a (relatively) short time has grown from a small webshop to one that was bought by Amazon for $390 million. Why? Zappos' motto is "powered by service." Their strength is their customer service. As the CEO of zappos himself states:

"Commit to Customer Service. Make it a Part of Your Mission, it's not (just) a department. Freely translated, this reads: "commit yourself to customer service. Make it a part of your mission. It's not (just) a department". This attitude ensured that Zappos built such a loyal customer base that they were one of the few companies that felt virtually nothing from the crisis. This did not go unnoticed by Amazon either.

The benefits of outsourcing your customer service

Outsourcing customer contact to an external contact center brings with it some advantages. Some benefits at a glance:

  • We specialize in customer contact, contact with customers is what we do and what we are good at!
  • We are fully equipped to handle customer contacts effectively, efficiently and professionally.
  • We are very flexible. 5 today and 500 contacts tomorrow? No problem!
  • Multilingualism, omnichannel, and wide opening hours? No problem!
  • Already full-service customer service starting at 1.50 per call!
  • You are worry-free with the best customer service

Webshop accessibility threat or opportunity?

Since 2014, it has been mandatory for every webshop to have a phone number available on their website. Telephony has the reputation of being an expensive channel for customer contact. Many companies and therefore webshops tend to hide their phone number as much as possible. This makes your webshop customer service difficult to find and you receive fewer incoming customer contacts. They prefer to send customers to a self-service environment (frequently asked questions) or to a contact form. From an internal approach, this makes sense. Self-service costs nothing and e-mails can be answered at your convenience. From the customer's perspective, it makes no sense at all. We see in practice that people just like to call, just that personal contact. That creates trust, because they buy something from a company that they often don't know, that doesn't have a physical store and that you have to assume is going to be okay. Good accessibility and promoting that accessibility is an opportunity, not a threat. A chance to give your customer confidence, to answer questions, a means to bind existing customers and to win over potential customers by saying: "Any doubts or questions, give us a call!".

Webshop accessibility on multiple channels

Did you know that last year half of American adults used chat to get in touch with organizations from which they took something? For years, the death of the telephone medium has been predicted. The reality is that with an increase in the number of channels through which contact can be made, the number of contacts only increases. Customers call over an email, chat over a conversation or email over a letter. More channels = more contact = more opportunities. Every contact is an opportunity to give your customer a certain experience and to generate additional sales.

Tips regarding the accessibility of your webshop (large, medium or small)

  • Of course first: make sure you can be reached at the times when your products or services are being purchased. For webshops, this is often between 08:00 and 21:00.
  • Promote your reachability on the website. A simple trick that will make (potential) customers trust you and increase your sales.
  • Don't work with (only) a mobile number, it comes across as very clunky.
  • Put yourself completely in your customer's shoes; what would you like if you were a visitor to your own webshop?
  • Multi-channel accessibility is the future, but be aware that it also comes with different expectations. If you offer chat but don't respond in time, for example, it does more harm than good. Make sure you can handle it or get help.

Who are we?

We are SpangenbergGroup! And we can help you make your customer service an good customer service to make. Just good customer service where the basics are in order. Where customer contacts add value to the customer experience. We relieve you in the area we are good at (customer service) so you can concentrate worry-free on what you do best. Sound good? Get in touch. 

With over 25 years of experience in the field of optimizing customer contact and customer experience SpangenbergGroup can help you. The optimize customer service or outsource? Use the form or see our contact page.

Also with other questions about customer contact and customer service you can always contact with us!

Does your customer service department have long wait times?

Get in touch io. We will be happy to look into it with you!

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