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What is an inbound call?

By Richard Wijnands

At Spangenberg Group, we provide the customer service for several companies from small to large. Among other things, we handle the so-called inbound calls for these customers, but what is an inbound call?

Our definition of an inbound call: An inbound call is a contact moment that takes place at the initiative of the (potential) customer. It is based on the need for contact about a particular subject. A call traditionally stands for a telephone call but in our field it can now stand for all kinds of different channels. The word call no longer stands only for the telephone channel. Inbound stands for inbound from the point of view of the organization. 

Help, a customer is calling!
An Inbound call is a contact moment when a customer calls customer service. The customer calls because they have questions about a product. They want to know more information about a product; A customer has received an invoice and has questions about the amount of the invoice; Or a customer calls about incorrect delivery or a wrong order; It is even possible that a customer has a complaint. There are several reasons someone might contact a customer service representative.

Our customer service representatives do not know in advance what kind of phone call to expect. They are trained to anticipate each call, which they do by listening carefully, empathizing with the customer's situation and feelings. So empathy is important to help a customer in the best possible way. We respond to the customer's emotion. We mirror an enthusiastic customer and help an angry customer by first listening and showing understanding before solving the problem.   

In addition, our Spangenberg Group employees know our customers' corporate culture, procedures and systems. They are trained to be our own customers' calling card. If you would like more information on whether Spangenberg Group can also provide customer service for you please contact us via this link or using the form below.