What is customer-friendliness? All about customer-friendliness here!

Written on: 2 May 2023 Customer service outsourcing and customer service improvement

What is customer-friendly(ish)?

To start with the definition of customer-friendliness:

Customer-friendliness refers to taking into account and adapting to customers' needs and feelings. In doing so, service and communication towards customers are friendly in content and form and appropriate to the target group.

So that as the first most basic answer to the question what is customer friendliness. So being customer-friendly presupposes that you have insight into the customer's needs. And yet that is where things often go wrong. Customer-friendliness becomes a training by a training agency where general aspects of customer-friendliness are trained. Rarely does the actual customer needs form the basis of improving customer-friendliness.

Improving customer friendliness starts with customer needs

A clear picture of what the customer wants and expects from you is the basis for improving customer friendliness. To get a good picture of that, it is important to find out from your customers what their needs are. Only when you know those needs can you respond to them. We often see that customers do not expect anything crazy at all. Yet it is not wise to assume that we do know what the customer wants. We also often see organisations adopting general standards or deciding internally how to shape customer-friendliness....

What is customer-friendliness? Customer-friendliness goes beyond good morning, good afternoon.

So what else is customer-friendliness? Do you hear a: "We need to be more customer-friendly, so we are now going to train employees who have contact with customers to be more customer-friendly". In such a project, everyone then learns to repeat the customer's name nicely, and at the end of the conversation to ask if there are any further questions. Fair is fair, it's better than nothing. But in really wanting to improve lace friendliness, that training is only one of the last steps. Really improving customer friendliness or customer focus is how you do it:

  1. Ask customers what they want, how they experience the service at the moment and, above all, what could be improved.
  2. Use the input from a customer survey to improve what needs to be improved in the customers' eyes. These can be complex business processes but also simple things like too long waiting times
  3. Start an improvement process where you assess all areas of improvement and make plans to improve the bottlenecks
  4. Make sure you address processes across departments
  5. Continue to conduct ongoing customer surveys to monitor the impact of improvement pathways.

What does customer-friendly work deliver?

In addition to the question of what is customer-friendliness, we naturally ask the question of what it then delivers. When customer-friendliness is improved in the way mentioned above and there is commitment from the organisation, results can be achieved almost immediately. Small adjustments can have major consequences. Working structurally on customer-friendliness will pay off handsomely:

  1. A higher customer satisfaction making customers less likely to walk away (lower churn) and more likely to buy more services or products from you.
  2. Less unnecessary customer contact. The moment you respond more and more to what your customers need and adjust internal business processes accordingly, customers will contact you less often simply because they have fewer questions/complaints
  3. A competitive advantage. If your organisation is seen as more customer-friendly than its competitors, it gives you a valuable competitive advantage.

Really improve customer friendliness?

What is customer-friendliness if your goal is not to improve it? Then do it right from the start and results will be seen quickly. For example, in 1 of our projects with a major client, we went from an average customer rating of 6.3 to 8 in 4 months. And that was an organisation with thousands of customer contacts every day.

By the way, improving customer friendliness does not always have to be difficult. Being friendly in general does not have to be difficult. If you can't manage to look at customer friendliness and how to make a start with it, we might be able to help you. Hopefully we have been able to give you answers to the question what is customer-friendliness?

Who are we?

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