Customer service outsourcing: The benefits

why outsource customer service?

The benefits of outsourcing your customer service/customer contact at a glance.

We see that companies and institutions often struggle with their customer service/customer contact. It is difficult to organize customer contact both cost-efficiently and customer-focused. Nevertheless, the importance of good service is often recognized and people want to organize their customer service well. So why outsource customer service? Read it here.

Customer service do it yourself or outsource it?

Good customer service is important, which is why companies are often reluctant to outsource it. After all, you put an important part of your service, and if it's good distinctive capability, in the hands of an outside agency. Then you must have confidence that this is in good hands.

The only proper motivation to outsource customer contacts should then also be; the outside agency adds something and can do something you cannot do yourself. So doing it yourself or outsourcing is more of a value-added question. Does outsourcing customer service/customer contact add something? So in doing so, it may also be that an external agency can simply do something more cost-efficiently.

The added value of an outside agency and the cost.

Often the first consideration is price anyway. What does it cost? It is very simple: outsourcing customer service or handling customer contacts elsewhere simply involves costs. Customer service outsourcing advantages are mainly in the added value but also often in costs. The added value of a well-organized external agency are mainly in:

Ultimate customer experience, customer service improvement and outsourcing

1. Customer contact/customer service is the agency's core business

For most organizations, customer contact is not necessarily what they are good at or what they are set up for. Companies provide a certain product or service and are set up for that. Handling customer contact effectively, efficiently and professionally is a skill that requires knowledge and experience. A customer contact specialist does nothing else and for that reason can often work more effectively, efficiently and professionally.

2. Economies of scale

A customer contact specialist works for several clients where economies of scale generally benefit the buyers. You can often have much longer opening hours and there are generally more employees available to handle your contacts. In addition, there is often the option to pay only for what you actually purchase in, for example, a price per contact. You then only pay for the time they actually work for you and not for the time the employee is not on the call.

3. Experience/development/advice

An external agency often has extensive experience in handling customer contacts and can help you further professionalize your customer contacts based on that experience. An external agency that besides handling customer contacts also has experience with improving customer experience, customer focus and customer friendliness can also help you with setting up customer-oriented processes. A good customer contact specialist will always advise you on things that can be improved and will feed you what is going on among customers. What are they calling about? What do your customers find important? What do your customers encounter? All very valuable information that can help you improve your services.

Why outsource customer service to SpangenbergGroup?

Challenge us...

    4. Transparent costs

    The cost of handling customer contact internally is often not entirely clear. This is because much of the cost of direct customer contact is not directly attributable or allocated. Consider, for example, costs of:

    • Employees: salary costs, vacation, absenteeism, training, coaching, etc.
    • Workplaces: furnishings, housing, electricity, etc.
    • ICT systems: telephony, CRM systems, email, etc.

    Generally there is a picture of personnel costs, however, there are many hidden costs that are not accounted for so there is no clear picture of the actual costs. If all goes well, the costs of an external agency are transparent. You know in advance exactly what the cost per minute, call or hour will be.

    5. Lower costs

    The cost when outsourcing customer contacts is ultimately often lower than when handling them yourself. This is mainly because the economies of scale that an external agency can achieve cannot be realized when you handle the customer contacts yourself. In the process, you often get more options and use modern means of communication.

    6. Have the benefits, not the burdens of professional customer service

    Finally, perhaps the most important; self-organizing a professional, easily accessible customer service with ample opening hours is difficult. With both low and high numbers of contacts, it is difficult to always meet the right staffing requirements and then deploy this staffing effectively and efficiently. A good partner takes over that worry and will ensure that you are provided with good customer service without any worries.

    Why outsource customer service? Hopefully with these 6 reasons, you have a good idea on the added value of outsourcing.

    About SpangenbergGroup

    Good customer service is a valuable marketing tool. Nevertheless, setting up good customer service is not always easy. Outsourcing customer service can then be a solution that allows you to carefree very good customer service can offer.

    We offer multilingual, multichannel customer contact where we seamlessly match our services to your wants and needs. We are your customer service team but remote. Not the burdens but the joys of just good customer service.

    We don't just do that for large companies, by the way. We can provide professional customer service even if you are a growing webshop or want to expand internationally. 

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