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We partnered with Spangenberg for our multilingual customer service (NL, FR, DE, EN). We chose Spangenberg because of the provision of the various languages, the short lines of communication, the colleagues there who think along with us in our challenges, fresh perspective on things that sometimes seem quite normal, etc. We have every confidence in them.

Katja van Gaal

Customer service manager

For several projects, SpangenbergGroup provided support in the form of interim management and consultancy. Their approach quickly ensured the desired results


Customer service manager

SpangenbergGroup helped us grow from start-up to multinational. By thinking with us and continuously adapting our international, multilingual customer service to changing circumstances.

Meanwhile, we no longer work for Emma mattress


Customer service manager

After a reorganisation, SpangenbergGroup helped us put our customer service departments in order. Through interim management and customer feedback surveys.

Hankie Baasbank

Board of directors

SpangenbergGroup is our flexible shell. They carry out almost all tasks, which means they fully participate as a first line. This gives us the flexibility to be easily accessible even in busy times.

Sander van Rooijen

Managing director Goldner

Our collaboration has now been running for a few years and has exceeded our expectations. Why go it alone when we know more together? In other words, why do it the hard way when it can be done together!

Stefan van den Heuvel

Manager after-sales

From the moment we grew, SpangenbergGroup helped us implement and further professionalise customer service via phone, email, chat, social media & review platforms.

Business owner

SpangenbergGroup has supported us with customer service in several areas. They have improved our customer service through consultancy, conducted customer satisfaction surveys and offered 24/7 customer service.


Manager Customer service Netherlands

SpangenbergGroup mapped out for us what proportion of customer contacts were avoidable. That turned out to be 52%! They then helped us reduce that.

Manager Corporate

During Secure Cash's bankruptcy, SpangenbergGroup helped us with all the customer contact that went with it. They managed to bring calm to the customer contact with great flexibility during a difficult time.

Operations manager

With targeted, ongoing and customer-friendly outbound campaigns, SpangenbergGroep manages to achieve great conversion rates and turnovers for us, as well as increasing customer satisfaction!

Mrs Ayala

Customer service manager

Quick view of improvement opportunities?

Free Quickscan

Sometimes it's useful to have someone to take a look with you, someone with years of experience who takes a fresh look at your customer service. SpangenbergGroep's Customer Service QuickScan gives you insight into how your customer service is functioning and where you can start optimising it.

We analyse the main themes and bottlenecks within each customer service area, as well as specific themes related to your business. The aim of the QuickScan is to identify the gap between the desired situation and the current situation. After mapping, we provide advice on the steps to be taken to achieve the desired situation