Putting your customer first? 

We hear it often: "We put the customer first." Isn't customer centricity outdated or is it just totally contemporary? To answer that question, we must first be clear on what exactly it is. 

What is customer centric? Customer centricity is the design of your organization, communication, business processes and your products and/or services based on customer needs. Knowing your customer and their needs is therefore a prerequisite for actually putting the customer first.


Why that absolutely not obsolete

Putting your customer needs first is not at all outdated because at its root it still boils down to: 
, and . All terms that really boil down to putting your customer and customer needs first. The most successful companies know their customer and customer needs and are able to respond to them. We see more and more attention for concepts such as Customer experience, customer Journey and customer experience. In fact, these all boil down to the same thing: putting the customer first.


Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Hulp met klant centraal stellen?

Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Wat levert je klant centraal stellen op?

Customer centricity is about responding to the customer's needs in the best way possible. The moment you, as an organization, know how to handle customer needs well, the following results:

  • Higher customer satisfaction: your customers will be more satisfied because your services will better meet their wants and needs.
  • Lower costs: your customer needs are the focus so you will receive significantly fewer questions and or complaints
  • Better competitive position: customers who are satisfied are less likely to go to competitors
  • More sales/margin: Existing customers are less likely to leave and buy more, and acquiring new customers becomes easier.
  • Higher employee satisfaction: If your customers are happier and less, your employees often are too!

Echt uw klant centraal stellen?

We have years of experience in determining and then responding to customer needs. We are happy to help you identify and then respond to the needs of your customers. It doesn't matter if you are a plumber with 50 customers or a multinational with 2 million international customers. Our experience is broad and what we do is translate customer feedback into handson advice. In doing so, we are only too happy to help with the subsequent implementation of improvements. We help you put your customers truly at the center of your business.


Truly putting the customer first is difficult. For this, it can help to have an expert in the field of customer contact and customer experience look at it with you. With a fresh perspective and a lot of experience, putting the customer first can often be surprisingly simple.

Customer Service Quickscan

The importance of good service

Customers are buying less and less just a product or service. The experience they have in doing so is often increasingly important. Why have you been a customer with the same insurance company for years? Do they offer you something that no one else offers? Are they the cheapest? Probably you have been a customer for years because that time you had damage they helped you well. Or that time you called them about your policy you were treated kindly and professionally and you felt taken seriously and valued as a customer.
That is exactly why a good customer service important. The personal contact that takes place there makes or breaks the customer experience and thus the relationship with your customer. Your product or service can be as good as it is, if your service does not match what your customers want you will always miss opportunities. Improving your customer service is therefore an ongoing process.

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