Optimize customer experience

First, let's take a look at our own definition of customer experience:

Customer experience is the experience a (potential) customer has when purchasing or using an organization's products or services. Central to customer experience are the contact moments the customer has with the organization from which he purchases a product or service. 

You can read a more comprehensive blog on what customer experience is here And why that starts with good customer contact read here.

Customer experience creates distinctiveness. Customer experience optimization results in higher customer satisfaction and, if done right, streamlined customer-focused business processes. SpangenbergGroup can help you!

Improve customer experience

Optimize customer experience?

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How to optimize the customer experience?

Streamlined processes = better customer experience

The importance of a positive experience when purchasing products/services is evident. Optimizing the customer experience is still quite a job.

Optimizing customer experience starts with identifying how customers are currently experiencing "being a customer." We do that in various ways of research and analysis. We compare the results to what a 9+ customer experience would be. With that as a starting point, you can start optimizing business processes and aligning them more and more with customer needs.

Optimizing the customer experience becomes fun that way and you can get results quickly. At least we like it and we are pretty good at it.

We can help!

With over 25 years of experience optimizing customer service organizations, we can help with customer experience optimization. What are your customers struggling with and what bottlenecks can you address to improve the customer experience. We can not only map that out for you but we can also help you solve those bottlenecks.

Our business consultants assist in mapping business processes and solving bottlenecks. With a fresh perspective and a lot of experience, they often see things just a little differently. Combined with various forms of research (customer feedback, KTO etc) we can not only improve but also measure the results in terms of customer satisfaction. That's what makes us different.



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