Customer Service QuickScan

Sometimes it is useful to have someone who looks along with you, someone with years of experience who takes a fresh look at your customer service. SpangenbergGroep's Customer Service QuickScan gives you insight into the functioning of your customer service. 

We analyze the main themes and bottlenecks within each customer service area, as well as specific themes related to your business. The goal of the QuickScan is to identify the gap between the desired situation and the current situation. After mapping, we provide advice on the steps to take to achieve the desired situation

What can you do with the customer service QuickScan?

Our Customer Service QuickScan offers you practical tools to improve your customer service organization. We assess the degree of customer focus and analyze processes such as rostering, quality monitoring, reporting, and more. All this is done by experienced professionals.

QuickWins allow you to get started immediately and often yourself. They are small changes that are easy to implement, but have a positive effect on the quality of customer service.

For more challenging change projects, we understand that you may need some extra help. That's where we're ready to help. In addition to performing the QuickScan, we can support you in actually implementing improvements in practice.

How does the Customer Service QuickScan work?

The main feature of a QuickScan is the speed with which the analysis is performed. It is a quick and efficient way to gain insight and direction for optimization. With a QuickScan, you know exactly where to start improving.

We do this by default in 5 steps. We start with an orientation phase in which we look together at backgrounds and objectives. Then we perform the analysis and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. We then prepare a report that we discuss together.

Depending on various factors, a QuickScan can be completed within a few days. This gives you quick insight into bottlenecks and areas for improvement. You can start implementing improvements yourself, or we can help you.

Request QuickScan? 

We'd love to look at your customer service challenges with you! Request your Customer Service Quickscan here!

Step 1

Orientation interview. In this we discuss the background and determine the objectives.

Step 2

Interviews with stakeholders such as agents, team leader, manager, coach, trainer etc.

Step 3

Listening in, watching along

Step 4

Analysis & Reporting. We describe our findings in a report

Step 5

Discussing the report and possible next steps

Spangenberg Group?

We like to keep things simple. With our no-nonsense approach, we can get results surprisingly fast! With independent customer service advice you gain extensive experience. SpangenbergGroup SpangenbergGroup stands for:

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