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Simply good customer service

The best customer service for your customers!
We've been doing it for a while now (20 years). Helping companies and organizations with simply good customer service.
There is quite a lot involved in good professional customer service. Technology, people, contact, quality, opening hours, channels, info, systems, etc. Quite a lot. But we have been doing that for a while for many different companies and can therefore help you. We are pretty good at that and we really enjoy doing it.
We also already have some nice customer cases.
Customer service outsourcing | External call center
Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Outsource Customer Service

Having the benefits but not the burdens of good customer service
For most companies, organizations and institutions, customer service is not necessarily something they are really set up for. Most companies are very good at something and that results in customer contacts. That applies to us, we do nothing but handle customer contacts and provide customer service services. We can organize (part of) the customer service and thus ensure that that part is properly arranged. This is, of course, largely customised.Oursourcing has a number of advantages.With outsourcing you have the benefits but not the burdens of. good customer service.
SpangenbergGroup functions as your customer service, but remotely. We have the expertise, people and drive to provide good and professional customer service for all our customers. We find that most of our customers enjoy being able to focus on what they are good at with the confidence that the customer service is well taken care of.

How does outsourcing work?

How does outsourcing work? Outsourcing customer service may seem complex. We have been able to set up customer service for many companies, so we now know how that works. We think it's all about the right focus. In our opinion, the best focus is based on a fruitful long-term collaboration. Then you set up the cooperation well from the start. Outsourcing is and remains largely custom work. Together, we look at the most important customer service issues and how best to organize them. 
Outsourcing is custom work. This ensures that our services always seamlessly match the wishes of our clients.
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The Cost of Outsourcing?

Customization doesn't have to be expensive!
We have 2 forms of support. We can customise and deploy these completely as you wish. We look at our clients' needs and tailor our services accordingly.

Dedicated teams

For projects of a certain size, we work with a dedicated team. These are mainly projects with a certain volume combined with a certain degree of complexity. These teams are deployed on an hourly basis. We have a very attractive all-in rate for them. The rate depends on languages, opening hours, complexity and channels. 
Non-dedicated - Blended teams
Lower, highly fluctuating or rapidly growing volumes? Then we have a good solution with a blended team. Good customer service but at an interaction rate (price per call).
We will gladly calculate for you what the costs would be in your specific situation. Just get in touch with us!
Read more about the advantages of outsourcing and the advantages especially at. lower volumes.

Interested in outsourcing your customer service?