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We have written a white paper on customer centricity. In it, we have included our practical experiences and also a bit of our opinion, of course. Among other things, we look at the difference between customer-friendliness and customer-centricity and try to make clear what customer-centricity is in practice, using a number of examples.

You can use the form below to request your free white paper. We will then send it to you by e-mail. Have fun reading it!

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Why Spangenberg Group

Spangenberg Group?

SpangenbergGroup has now been a customer service specialist for over 25 years. We have extensive experience in setting up, managing and improving customer service organisations and departments. 

We are passionate about optimising the customer experience where we believe customer contact plays a central role. It's very easy, make sure you design your business processes so that customers don't need to contact you if that conversation has no value! On the other hand, make sure you design your customer service so that if a customer contacts you, that that contact moment in itself makes a positive contribution to the customer experience

No unnecessary customer contact, but valuable customer contact. That is what we stand for and what we work hard on every day with our clients.