Helpdesk uitbesteden? 

Goede helpdesk is a valuable marketing tool. Handling customer contacts effectively, efficiently and professionally is still quite difficult. 

De Helpdesk uitbesteden kan dé oplossing zijn voor zorgeloos goede  Helpdesk. SpangenbergGroep biedt flexible customer service solutions based on customization. Always the right solution for your customer service issues.

Lees hier onze blog over hoe je aftersales een marketintool kan zijn.

We can help!

Wij kunnen je helpen gewoon hele goede helpdesk. We hebben verschillende manieren waarop we je kunnen ondersteunen.


Helpdesk uitbesteden?

Daarom Helpdesk uitbesteden!

Het uitbesteden van je helpdesk heeft een aantal voordelen. De belangrijkste op een rijte


Get in touch with us! We're happy to take a look. You can also use our online quote tool. Then we'll have all the info we need right away to create a custom quote for you. You can find them here

Spangenberg Group?

SpangenbergGroep is inmiddels ruim 25 jaar specialist op het gebied van klantenservice. Waarom de Helpdesk uitbestedenbij SpangenbergGroep?
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Wat kost het uitbesteden van de Helpdesk?

Costs depend on a variety of variables such as languages, channels and opening hours. We can bill by the hour or by interaction. Just really great customer service remains customized for us.

Ask for your custom quote to. You will then have it in your mailbox within 48 hours!

Helpdesk uitbesteden?

Get in touch with us! We are happy to take a look

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More than eight languages, now that's multilingual!

Customer centric


We support all relevant channels.

Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Completely carefree

From start to finish well taken care of customer service

what is customer experience

Over 20 years of experience

Just a lot of experience with (optimizing) customer contact

retain customers

Quality staff

Real heroes work every day to optimize the customer experience.

Customer service outsourcing pitfalls

Successful together

Focus on the long term and constantly working on partnerships

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