Outsource your customer service?

Good customer service is a valuable marketing tool. However, setting up good customer service is not always easy. Outsourcing customer service can then be a solution that allows you to provide very good customer service without worries.

We offer multilingual, multichannel customer contact where we seamlessly tailor our service to your needs and wants. We are your customer service team but remote. Not the burdens but the joys of just good customer service.

Read our blog on the benefits of outsourcing here.

We don't just do that for large companies, by the way. We can provide professional customer service even if you are a growing webshop or want to expand internationally. Daar lees je hier meer over.

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Worry-free good customer service

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Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Why should you outsource your customer service?

Customer service is our corebusiness Wij leveren maatwerk en creëren voor elk klantenservice vraagstuk een passende oplossing. De belangrijkste redenen om de klantenservice uit te besteden?

1. We are really very good at it.
We do nothing but handle customer contacts. We've been doing that for 30 years and now with 90 employees. 

2. We really enjoy doing it a lot. Always ensuring good service, improving internal business processes, puzzling with customer questions and solutions.... yes that's what we get energy from. 

3. A lot for little. Sounds cheap but we don't mean that. In addition to our services, you get 20 years of experience and a lot of passion for what we do. Our rates are lower than the market average because we are a flat and fairly simple organization. The quality of our service is better because we are a family business with a long-term focus

4. We really unburden you. Have the benefits and not the burdens of good customer service. We just take care of it.

how do we do it?

We like to tell you that by first listening to you carefully. Then we look at what we can do and whether we have a good match in that. Do we have that? Then we go a step further and have the following tools that we can use to shape the perfect customer service:

Dedicated support. Dedicated support is characterized by support for a single client in a fixed team. The employees working in a dedicated team work only for that specific client, so the work is not blended with work for other clients. Your own professional customer service team but with no worries.

Blended support. Blended support is particularly interesting at lower volumes. Here, an employee works for several clients at the same time. The advantage of this is that blended support is charged per interaction.

Multichannel / multilingual support. All the channels you can think of in Dutch, English, French, German and if necessary other languages.

Self-learning first line. Just as you would expect from a customer service department: More and more knowledge, more and more experience and the input from the team to avoid unnecessary customer contact.

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Wat onze klanten zeggen over onze dienstverlening

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

The importance of good customer service

Customers are buying less and less just a product or service. The experience they have in doing so is often increasingly important. Why have you been a customer with the same insurance company for years? Do they offer you something that no one else offers? Are they the cheapest? Probably you have been a customer for years because that time you had damage they helped you well. Or that time you called them about your policy you were treated kindly and professionally and you felt taken seriously and valued as a customer.

That is exactly why good customer service important. The personal contact that takes place there makes or breaks the customer experience and thus the relationship with your customer. Your product or service can be as good as it is, if your service does not match what your customers want, you will always miss opportunities. Improving your customer service is therefore an ongoing process.

Worry-free good customer service

Get in touch with us! We are happy to take a look

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter
Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter


More than eight languages, now that's multilingual!

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter


We support all relevant channels.

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Completely carefree

From start to finish well taken care of customer service

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Over 20 years of experience

Just a lot of experience with (optimizing) customer contact

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Quality staff

Real heroes work every day to optimize the customer experience.

Klantenservice uitbesteden | Extern callcenter

Successful together

Focus on the long term and constantly working on partnerships