Meertalige telefoonservice

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Meertalige telefoonservice

Onze meertalige telefoonservice is er om u volledig te ontlasten op het gebied van telefonische bereikbaarheid. U hoeft niet voortdurend op uw telefoon te letten, want wij zorgen ervoor dat u altijd goed bereikbaar bent. Of het nu gaat om 10 gesprekken vandaag of 50 morgen, ons team van klantcontact specialisten staat paraat om uw telefoongesprekken te beantwoorden. Met onze meertalige telefoonservice bent u gewoon goed bereikbaar voor zowel huidige als potentiële klanten in binnen én buitenland! Als u behoefte heeft aan uitgebreidere klantenserviceondersteuning, kunt u ook bij ons terecht. Ontdek de aanzienlijke voordelen van het uitbesteden van uw klantenservice here.

Carefree good customer service!

Don't (always) manage to speak to customers the way you would like? We can help you just really good customer service. We have several ways we can support you. The needs of our clients are central. The customer service you want for your customers without worries? We can make that happen for you! With customer service outsourcing to SpangenbergGroup, you simply have very good customer service.


Full international, multilingual customer service under 1 roof! NL, DE, FR and EN as standard!


All reelevate channels we support. Call, mail, chat, socials, ticketing. Completely unburdened - we are so convenient!


Your own customer-service team but remotely. Flexible and experienced. Just really good customer service!


A permanent team with several employees. Great customer service also for small businesses or when things are quiet!

Top quality

We stand for quality in customer contact. High-quality and valuable customer contact

Mega flexible

Always the right staffing even in extreme busy times just easily accessible customer service!

Lower costs and higher flexibility

Meertalige telefoonservice heeft een aantal voordelen. Met name hogere mate van flexibiliteit, groot aantal mogelijkheden in combincatie met heldere, lagere kosten worden door onze klanten als voordelen gezien!

Scale up, scale down, additional languages or extended opening hours. With outsourcing, you get a mega flexible customer service!

With our customer service, you ensure higher customer satisfaction because we help you tailor your service delivery to your customers!

Experience and economies of scale reduce customer service costs. More options at lower costs!

Valuable contact moments, good accessibility and distinctive customer service without worries!

Why Spangenberg Group

Spangenberg Group?

SpangenbergGroup has been the customer service specialist for more than 25 years. But why outsource your customer service to us?

We offer a unique combination of services to our clients. On the one hand, we completely take care of customer service worries, while on the other hand we actively contribute to the continuous improvement of services to your customers.

Besides managing our own customer service organisation, we also support with customer service optimisation projects. With these projects, we focus on improving customer service and related departments. This is what makes us truly unique. We not only provide customer service, but we keep improving it continuously!

Direct contact?

Get in touch with us! We are happy to take a look. You can also use our online quotation tool. Then we immediately have all the info we need to make a customised quote for you. You can find it here

Meertalige telefoonservice: Wat kost dat?

The cost depend on all kinds of variables such as languages, channels and opening hours. We can bill by the hour or by interaction. Just really great customer service remains customised for us.

We are happy to look at a suitable solution in each specific situation. The cost of our services is often lower than the cost of in-house customer service. Especially considering the high degree of flexibility and the options we offer.

Based on a short introductory meeting, we can determine which solution is appropriate in your case and what the cost would be. You already have customer service support for a few hundred euros a month!

Read here a more comprehensive blog on the cost of outsourcing customer service

Ask for your tailor-made offer to. You will then have it in your mailbox within 48 hours!