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Customer service outsourcing | External call center


Dutch, French, German, English and more! Now that's multilingual!

Customer centric


Call, Mail, Chat, socials. We support all relevant channels!

Customer service outsourcing | External call center

100% care free

Great customer service from start to finish!

what is customer experience

Over 20 years of experience

Just a lot of experience with (optimizing) customer contact

retain customers

Quality staff

Real heroes work every day to optimize the customer experience.

Customer service outsourcing pitfalls

Successful together

Focus on the long term and constantly working on partnerships

About SpangenbergGroup

We can help you make sure your customer service is good customer service. Just good customer service where the basics are in order. Where customer contacts add value to the customer experience. We relieve you in the area we are good at (customer service) so you can concentrate worry-free on what you do best. Sound good? Get in touch. You can use the form below.