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Your customer service taken care of by professionals? We take care of your customer service completely the way you want. Multilingual? Multi-channel? Extended opening hours? No problem. We provide your customer service the way you want it and your customers expect it.
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Outsourcing: The solution to customer service staff shortages
Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Setting up customer service is a challenge. Making a customer service department function effectively, efficiently and professionally is even more so. Good customer contact adds value to the customer experience. That's why it's important to have customer service in order!

Improving customer service sometimes requires insights from experts. We can help with this. Understanding how customer service is performing and where opportunities for improvement exist. Improvement opportunities in internal process improvements but also to seamlessly connect customer service to customer needs. Less waste and more valuable customer contact.

Sometimes it's helpful to have someone looking in. Someone with years of experience who takes a fresh look at your customer service. SpangenbergGroep's Customer Service QuickScan gives you insight into the functioning of your customer service. We look at the main themes and bottlenecks within each customer service but also at company-specific themes. The goal of the QuickScan is to map the delta between the desired and current situation.
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Customer service outsourcing | External call center


More than eight languages, now that's multilingual!

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We support all relevant channels.

Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Completely carefree

From start to finish well taken care of customer service

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Over 20 years of experience

Just a lot of experience with (optimizing) customer contact

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Quality staff

Real heroes work every day to optimize the customer experience.

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Focus on the long term and constantly working on partnerships