Start-up and CS (Customer Service).

As a start-up, you are generally busy with innovative solutions, technology, investors and setting up a viable business. The importance of good CS is sometimes underestimated. Yet CS is critical to the success rate of the average start-up.
This is perhaps even more true for a start-up than for an existing company. As a start-up, you are new and often have no track record, accumulated reputation or unconditional trust. No wonder since start-ups often disappear as quickly as they came.

Good CS is not a panacea that guarantees you success as a start-up. However, successful companies usually have their CS in place. So it really does make a lot of sense to set up your CS well from the moment your start-up takes on more serious forms.

Wherever start-up is written you can also read scale-up, by the way.
Customer service outsourcing | External call center
Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Good CS as a catalyst for (international) growth

For both start-up and scale-up, growth is key. Often across country, and/or language borders. That makes good Customer Service an even greater challenge. A challenge, however, that we have experienced and facilitated up close on many occasions.

Support multiple channels in multiple languages. We can. That makes us ideally suited as a partner for start-ups but also certainly for scale-ups. The international and multichannel CS no longer needs to be a barrier to growth. With 1 partner supporting the most relevant language areas!

For several clients we have supported the transition from start-up to full-fledged international multinational. Good CS ensures that you as a start-up not only have your customer service in order but are also able to use input from customers to adapt your product, service, processes etc to the customer experience.

Carefree Multilingual & Multichannel CS

You're good at startup, we're good at CS. So if we take care of CS for you, you can do what you do best. With our solutions, you can be sure of good accessibility and a distinctive customer experience.

When it comes to CS, nothing stands in the way of your (international) growth. Going to France next month and Germany the month after that? No problem.

100 interactions today and 200 tomorrow and 1,000 a day a year from now? No problem. We grow with you and provide the right capacity at the right time. Of course with the quality you would expect from a specialist.

We also help you optimize your business operations. If we have contact with your customers, we help you continuously translate customer signals and customer questions into improvements. That way, you make optimal use of the input from customers. Continuous improvement and carefree good multilingual and multichannel CS.

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