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FAQ on customer service outsourcing

The biggest advantages of outsourcing customer service are economies of scale, greater flexibility, expertise and cost savings. We have written a comprehensive blog detailing all the benefits. You can read those here.

For every company, the benefits are different because the challenges for every customer service organisation are also different. We provide tailor-made services so we are happy to look at the challenges and how we can add value to them with our services. You can always contact contact us with your specific questions or challenges. Maybe we can help you!

There are several ways to outsource customer service. Which one fits best depends on factors such as volumes, channels, complexity and languages. It can be full or partial outsourcing. In doing so, we typically work in three different ways:

  1. Dedicated support: agents work for one specific client. Read more about dedicated customer service outsourcing here.
  2. Blended support: agents work for different clients interchangeably. Read more about blended customer service outsourcing here.
  3. Hybrid support: a combination of dedicated and blended support.

More on how outsourcing works read here!

Curious about what options are available? Please visit contact on, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!

Fast! Usually already within 2 weeks. Of course, this depends a bit on the complexity and quantity. We can generally get basic support in place quickly. We are pragmatic and prefer to look at possibilities and solutions. 

The cost of outsourcing customer service depends heavily on variables such as numbers, opening hours, channels, service levels, languages and complexity. It also depends on the form chosen, blended, dedicated or hybrid. On our rates page guide prices are listed.

We have also written a comprehensive blog on the cost of outsourcing customer service. You can read those here.

Any questions about what the cost would be in your specific situation, we will be happy to discuss! Please take contact with us!

Yes you can. We work for almost all our clients on their own systems. We therefore have experience with the most common systems. That makes it so easy to work together. Of course, we also have our own contact centre system. This allows us to handle customer contacts effectively and efficiently. A combination of working on our system and our clients' systems is also possible. 

We want our services to fit seamlessly with internal departments. We therefore adapt our way of working as much as possible to the situation. That's easy.

Because we provide customer service for all kinds of different companies, we always have enough staff available to scale up quickly. We can often provide additional staffing on the same day. Our services can be of great value in case of highly fluctuating numbers. We can also help with the right staffing at the right time during high and low seasons. 

We have written an interesting blog on how to deal with peaks and troughs in customer service. Read it here!

FAQ on improving customer service

The moment you improve customer service, both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction will increase. 

In particular, by optimising porcesses and aligning them as much as possible with the customer experience, significant cost savings can also be achieved. 

Read here more on why customer experience starts with good customer contact

Every customer service organisation is different and therefore faces specific problems and or challenges. We have over 25 years of experience in optimising customer contact environments. We normally start with a quick scan, which you can here free applications. That often gives very quick insight into improvement potential.

Then we can help realise those improvements. This can be done through advice but also by helping improve handson. 

Do you have questions about how we could improve your customer service? Ask them, we are happy to look at it with you. 

Fast. We are very pragmatic and look directly at possibilities. Often very small adjustments can be made in the short term that already have an impact. Then we can work on the somewhat more complex improvement projects. Our consultants are aimed at achieving not only quick but also lasting results. Without fuss, without unnecessary and thick reports but by working decisively and pragmatically.

Waste are those customer contacts that result from a business process that is not aligned with the customer experience and can be prevented by optimising that business process. This is what we do. First, we help our customers identify waste and then prevent it as much as possible. 

In some cases, more than 50% of customer contacts turn out to be the result of waste. We can help you reduce that dramatically.

Costs are always lower than revenues. We can usually realise small structural cost savings quite quickly that add up very quickly. 

Costs depend in particular on the complexity and duration of an improvement process. In doing so, our aim is never to bill as many hours as possible. Together with our clients, we pragmatically look for solutions and possibilities. We prefer to use our client's internal resources, people and means. 

We have our own operational customer service department in which we support all kinds of different organisations with multilingual, multichannel customer service. In addition, we have over 25 years of experience in optimising customer service environments.

Our approach is characterised by the fact that we look at problems very pragmatically and always choose the simplest solution. We look at possibilities and solutions without ruling things out.

We would be happy to tell you more about our approach. Do you have challenges in your customer service? Take a contact on, we are happy to look into it with you.