7 links between Customer Experience and Customer Service.

We have written many blogs about customer service and customer experience. In this blog, we describe 8 connections between the 2. What affects what and why:

1. Perception of your customer service:

Customer experience largely determines how your customers perceive your customer service. Both in the process before the contact moment and during and even after. For example, is it easy to reach customer service? That perception can already affect how someone experiences the contact moment. Do you have to put a lot of effort into finding the customer service number, do you have to go through a very unclear selection menu and then stand on hold for 20 minutes? That experience undoubtedly influences the perception of the contact moment.

2. Customer service as an added value in your customer experience:

Good customer service has a positive impact on your customer experience. A pleasant contact moment where you feel you are taken seriously as a customer and where efforts are made to make your experience as pleasant as possible makes you feel good. That positive customer service experience will positively influence your image of the organization, company, institution, web shop or whatever.

3. Customer loyalty:

Both good customer service and good customer experience have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Sort of a 1+1=3. Good customer experience is +1. Good customer service is +1. But if customer service or customer experience is bad then it's equal to a -1 because it doesn't add value but detracts. You get more loyal customers by having both your customer service and customer experience at an equal (high of course) level.


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4. Brand perception:

Again, something where the 2 go hand in hand. Creating a work experience. The customer experience, like customer service, is an important part of that. You can invest a lot in marketing and creating a certain brand. If your customer experience and your customer service are not seamless with that, they don't add anything in the brand experience. For example, if you want to exude a certain level of luxury and exclusivity as a brand, you can't afford to be unfriendly to customers.

5. Customer experience prevents unnecessary customer contact:

The moment you have aligned your processes with your customer's needs they will be less likely to need to contact you about something that is unclear or incorrect. Unnecessary customer contact is not good for your customer experience so if you can avoid that, it's a win-win.

6. Repair:

A dent in the customer experience such as a complaint, for example, can be repaired by customer service. This can be done by handling an incoming complaint very well and neatly. It can also be done by actively approaching customers the moment there are complaints and offering a solution. In this way, customer service can repair the customer experience in some cases.

7. Knowledge:

Customer service has ongoing contact with customers on a wide variety of topics. This makes it a very valuable source of knowledge in many organizations. Knowledge about what is important to customers but also about which processes and or departments cause the most questions or complaints. Because that has a negative impact on the customer experience, this input could be used to improve the customer experience.

Those were our quick links between customer experience and customer service. There are, of course, several more that could easily be added. Those may come up in a future blog!

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