Customer service outsourcing | External call center

Desk Services

Among other things, Desk Services handles promotions with the aim of recruiting, activating and creating loyal consumers for multiple (B2C) companies. This often takes the form of cashbacks and product promotions.

SpangenbergGroup handles multi-lingual multi-channel customer contacts for Desk Services for promotions for major (international) brands. There are several types of promotions here, you can think of:

  • Cashback promotions
  • Product Plus actions
  • Sampling actions
  • Winning
  • Satisfied or money back actions


What do we do?
Once an application for a promotion is registered by the consumer, it is checked and processed based on the terms and conditions associated with the particular promotion. All these registrations are recorded in a system. Consumers then contact us with multiple reasons. These may include questions about promotional terms and conditions, the product/amount to be received, status inquiries regarding an already registered participation or to complete and change it. If a consumer has questions, we can check whether something still needs to be done based on his/her registration and inform the consumer accordingly. If a consumer provides missing documentation, we will include it in the application. Even if the consumer has questions about completing the application itself, we will of course help with this! 

Multiple (international) brands
Our staff provides consumer support for a wide variety of brands. Multiple promotions are often active simultaneously for these brands. Here the conditions for participation can vary not only per brand but also per promotion. This of course provides an enormous amount of information! For each promotion, the promotion conditions are available and all information and changes are classified in a database designed by us. This database is continuously updated and modified based on the questions and situations received, so that every employee has the most recent information at all times to guide the consumer to the right solution.

Multi-channel contact
There are multiple ways our staff contacts consumers. For Desk Services, contacts are handled by both email and telephone. By e-mail, we receive all types of questions from registration to disbursement. Questions about the progress of an application or the timing of payment can be discussed perfectly well over the phone. If the consumer still needs to provide documentation, this can be sent by e-mail.  

Promotions for the various brands are not limited to the Netherlands. Phone calls and e-mails are therefore answered in Dutch, English, French and German.

The cooperation between SpangenbergGroup and Desk Services has now been active for 10 years. Our employees take care of the direct contact with the consumers so that they keep track of all promotions but also of the consumers' experiences. In doing so, they notice that there are many of the same questions or that common situations occur, this is immediately shared with Desk. This is of course an interaction; situations that come to light on Desk's side are also discussed immediately. Because there is regular and direct contact between our project boss and Desk services, we can always respond quickly.