The 7 biggest customer service differences between Dutch and German customers!

We all know that Germans and Dutch people differ. This is especially important if you, as a Dutch entrepreneur, also operate in Germany. We provide German-language customer service for a number of Dutch companies. There are some major differences there. We have listed the most important ones for you:

  1. Language Skills: You will, of course, speak to your German-speaking customers in German. Germans are sensitive to language skills though. You have to speak to your German customers with native German (C1 level) in customer service. They are very sensitive to that. That's a difference from the Dutch, who accept accents or even English-speaking support a bit easier.


  1. More formal communication: In the Netherlands, we communicate informally pretty quickly, even in customer service. You and you are quickly chosen and a joke is sometimes made. German customers value more formal and professional communication. Herr and Frau followed by the last name is much more common as je or jij. An important difference to consider.


  1. Precision and accuracy: Dutch customers are a bit more forgiving when it comes to not exactly adhering to agreed timelines. For example, if a certain deadline is agreed upon then a German customer attaches great importance to that. That's what customer service really needs to be set up for.

What our customers say about our services

  1. Dealing with complaints: German customers expect to be taken seriously and if it comes to a complaint, they expect a lot. Detailed information, quick feedback and completeness.


  1. High demands for quality. German customers have somewhat higher demands when it comes to quality. So this also applies to customer service. Customer service simply has to be in order. Being unclear and not having things completely in order is an eyesore for German customers.


  1. Feedback and follow-up: German customers value follow-up after the purchase. They expect you to inform them about any updates, new products or offers. Dutch customers are also interested in follow-up, but may possibly be a little less formal in their expectations.


  1. Brightness: German customers like to know where they stand. In doing so, it is therefore important for customer service to ensure that clarity is provided. Clarity about things like return policy and opening hours etc. Germans want transparency.

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