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Multilangual? A brief explanation of what we mean by that:

For many of our clients, multiple languages are important in both first and second line customer service. Companies are increasingly active in multiple countries. Especially at the start of a new market, where volumes are often still low, it is interesting to work with a team of multilingual customer service agents. This makes it easy to provide excellent customer service at relatively low cost. At Spangenberg Group we have quite a bit of experience in this. For example, one of our clients recently asked if we could also speak Danish. At that time we did not yet have this skill in house, but after some serious searching we managed to recruit a team of Dutch & Danish-speaking call center agents within two weeks. Our location, in the middle of Maastricht, of course also contributes to this. A vibrant student city with a high international character.

The outsourcing multilangual customer service can be both dedicated and non-dedicated. We always think in terms of possibilities rather than limitations. We find it important that the customer experience and customer satisfaction are guaranteed, in whatever language or form of customer service whatever. Our widely used tools and measuring instruments connect flawlessly to almost all languages. This makes it a piece of cake for our project bosses to print out agreed SLAs and achieved KPIs in (almost) any language other than Dutch and discuss them with the relevant client.

Need multilingual support? International growth ambitions? Get in touch. We can help you!