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Quality staff? A brief explanation of what we mean by that:

Talk about meaningless generalities.... Not quite. For us, quality staff is staff who enjoy themselves and are in their place. We are a fairly informal and flat organization. Our core values are sincerity, honesty and transparency. We try to not only tell our people that, but also make them feel it.

We try to match our people as much as possible to the projects who support them. Because we have very different projects, we also work with very different people. A team working for a client must have a feeling for that client's customers. That is, the products or services that they are talking about should match the areas of interest of the people who have the customer service for grooming. We sometimes say: "You can't have a 19-year-old boy giving advice to an 84-year-old lady about a pleated skirt." May be eventually but for us it is not optimal.

For us, quality personnel means the right people in the right place. 

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